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An Ask tumblr for Pickles, the drummer of the band Dethklok*. This is a twofer blog, you can Ask man!Pickles or woman!Pickles, or both! Just specify in the Ask.

*A long time ago I decided to also do asks for Dethklok/Boobklok in general, so if you want to do that instead of just Pickles, go ahead.

Here's a reference page for woman!Pickles' universe for your convenience.

» My main blog
» My Lady!Pickles regular RP blog - (mostly just RP shippy stuff but if you want quicker, shorter, text-only answers you can ask things there.)

OOCly I reserve the right to not respond to asks without notification or explanation. Drawing styles and effort will change often depending on mood, time and the Ask.

This is not a proper RP blog, just an art Ask RP blog. You can send asks in character, but I won't be threading with this blog. I thread with the blog linked above.

Why don't yew pry into my business, douchebags? Ask away.
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